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Author Topic: Star Wars Aftermath Trilogy  (Read 174 times)

Chris Stern

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Star Wars Aftermath Trilogy
« on: March 18, 2017, 04:07:42 PM »

I just recently finished the Aftermath trilogy(Aftermath, Life Debt and Empires End) which was a series of canon books that explore the events of the year and four months between the end of the battle of Endor and the battle of Jakku when the Empire finally surrenders and signed the galactic peace accord ending the Galactic civil war as well as setting up the foundation for the birth of the First Order.

I'm not going to lie the first book is a bit of a slog, it jumps around alot as the writer tries to cover various events going on after Return of the Jedi while trying to tell the main story via "Interludes" which while also being in the second and third book there was less of them, plus it felt like one big set up for the later two novels with it ending just as it was starting to get good. The second and third book were big improvements with half the third book finally showing us the battle of Jakku which was something until Empires End was only touched upon. Also the battle itself was quite epic. The third book is also where you start getting alot of interesting tibits such as a old secret facility hidden on Jakku from back in the early days of the Empire, the Emperor's increasing obsession with the unknown regions which is a section of unexplored space past the west of the outer rim that due to gravity wells, solar storms, magnetospheres, etc made exploration near impossible save for the very fringes that were at the end of the unknown regions and the outer rim. Palpatine was convinced that something waited out there for him, something that called to him, some dark presence made of a malevolent substance as he described it.     

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

To name a few things, I really would want to say more but I really don't want to spoil things(if people don't care I can cover the key points in the comments and put them under spoiler tags)

Defiantly something to check out if you like Star Wars and want to see what happened after Return of the Jedi and see the end of the Empire and early beginnings of the First order, just don't expect heavy focus on Luke, Han and Leia well Luke anyway. Han and Leia are touched on in the first book and have a bigger part in the second book.   

I actually listened to the audio book versions and they were a fun listen and made the first book easier to get through. It felt more like a audio drama then a audio book with the use of  John William's score, sound effects, etc. though the narrator does all the voices save for the Wookie characters which usually just used audio clips from the movies when possible. So if your going to check out the whole trilogy I recommend doing the audio book version of the first Aftermath book, though I admit the narrator does a hell of a Han and a decent Palpatine too who appear in the second book.