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Author Topic: Doom  (Read 27 times)


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« on: January 23, 2018, 02:26:26 PM »
Just played through the new (well, newer than the old ones) Doom and thought it was a great game. Very mindless, kill everything kind of game. The 'Glory Kill' mechanic is a lot of fun and probably the game where I feel more like a bad ass than any other game I've played. It's a bit short, and unless you're a completionist, probably something you can burn through in a quick rental, but still worth playing. Especially if you're in between two deeper games like a Skyrim or Mass Effect and you need to 'cleanse the pallet' before going from one to the next. Or if you've been in sports simulator for too long and need a quick change of pace.

I'd recommend it. Especially since you can probably get it pretty cheap now.